Beres AminoForte phosphorus-potassium


Beres AminoForte phosphorus-potassium


phosphorus(P₂0₅) 450 g/l | 26,5 %

potassium (K₂0) 550 g/l | 32,4 %

alginic acid 20 g/l | 1,2 %

amino acids 10 g/l | 0,6 %

polysaccharide 10 g/l | 0,6 %

complex of mасго- and microelements



рН 7-9

density 1,7g/cm³

Preparation form:


Consumption rates:

0,1-0,3 l per 1 ton of seeds

0,1-0,3 l per 1 hectare of crops


1 l

Beres AminoForte phosphorus-potassium

biostimulator based оп seaweed extract. Contains an increased amount of easily accessible phosphorus, potassium, minerals, polysaccharides, organic compounds, etc. All useful components are well-balanced in the product, due to which it has the properties of not only а building material for any plant, but also has а bactericidal and preventive effect against diseases. lt helps eliminate quickly phosphorus and potassium deficiency.

Anti-stress agent, growth stimulator, immunomodulator.

lt is easily absorbed bу plants, as it is in а natural form convenient for them. lt is recommended for foliar and root fertilizing of agricultural crops: grains, industrial crops, oilseeds, berries, vegetbles, orchards and vineyards.

The active components of the product ensure:

  • acceleration of germination and ripening,
  • formation of а powerful root system,
  • intensive development of the aboveground part of the plant,
  • more active flowering, stimulation of tuber formation,
  • increasing the number of sets and accelerating fruit set, and also prevents early shedding of flowers and sets,
  • rapid ripening of fruits,
  • accelerating the filling of the eaг, bringing weak spouts to the level of strong ones,
  • compaction of exodermis and cellwalls of plants,
  • increasing the yield and quality of fruits, increasing their storage time.

lt is used during the flowering phase,after flowering and before harvesting.

Crop Seed treatment Appllcatlon phases
Spring and winter grains seed dressing tillering -beginning of stem elongation flag leaf -ear formation  tlowering -beginning of milky ripeness 
Com seed dressing appearance of 3-8 leaves booting heading of panicles
Buckwheat seed dressing first pair of true leaves — branching  budding lowering, fruit formation
Peas, chickpeas, soybeans, lentils, beans  inoculation, seed dressing seedlings — leaves of the tirst tier leaves of the second -fourth tier budding -beginning of flowering, formation of pods
Rapeseed, mustard, winter cress spring and winter  seed dressing formation of а leaf rosette -branching stem growth -beginning of and winter budding budding -beginning of flowering, formation of pods
Flax, camelina seed dressing herringbone budding, flowering seed ripening
Sunflower seed dressing 2-4 pairs of true leaves 6-8 pairs of true leaves forming ananthode -beginn1ng of flowering
Sugar beet and tаblе beet  seed dressing 2-4 pairs of true leaves 4-8 pairs of true leave — closing of crops 1n rows  closing of crops between rows
Potato steeping of tubers before planting for 15 hours sprouting — plant height 10-15 cm stem growth,  budding flowering -tuber formation
Solanaceae (tomatoes, peppers, steeping of seeds before sowing for 18-20 hours  appearance of 2-4 leaves active growth — formation of set tilling of fruits -ripening
Cabbage steeping of seeds before sowing for 15 hours  2-3 days after planting the seedlings 4-5 true leaves — beginning of glome setting loaf formation
Carrot steeping of seeds before sowing for 15 hours  sprouting -formation 1-2 true leaves  active leaf growth root growth, root formation
Onion, gar1ic, radish  steeping of seeds before sowing for 15 hours  appearance of 2-3 leaves active vegetative growth beginning of formation -growth of root bulb
Fruit and bеrгу steeping of sprigs, seedlings bеfore planting for 12-24 hours  flower heads phase before flowering growth of fruit inception
Grapes steeping of sprigs, seedlings bеfore planting for 12-24 hours  budding after flowering ripening of berries
Flower and decorative crops  steeping of tubers, bulbs, cuttings, seeds before planting for 15 hours  sprouting -2-3 leaves appearance of 5-7 leaves budding
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