Beres AminoForte


Beres AminoForte


organic matter

alginic acid

amino acids

nitrogen (N)

magnesium (Mg)

boron (B)

molybdenum (Mo)

natural phytohormones



100 l of a ready-mixed solution


Nominal volume:

0,5 l

Beres AminoForte
universal organo-mineral fertilizer
based on seaweed

Natural biostimulant for eco-friendly farming

  • The product increases the seeds germination.
  • It contributes to the rapid development of root systems.
  • It shortens the time necessary to restore plant roots after planting seedling and transplantation.
  • It enhances crop production power and improves fruit quality.
  • It improves the ornamental properties of garden and indoor plants by increasing the number and size of flowers, enhancing their brightness, and giving leaves a rich color.
  • It boosts the immune system and immune response.
  • It increases frost and drought resistance in plants.
  • It helps keep plants over winter.
Application Ready-mixed solution Recommendations
AminoForte Water
Seed and planting stock treatment 15 ml
(2 cups)
1 l Soaking: Soak the seeds before sowing for 6-12 hours; soak the cuttings before planting for 12-24 hours; soak the bulbs and saplings with an open root system for 3-4 hours.Potato: Spray or immerse the tubers in the ready-mixed solution (in nets) for up to 30 minutes.Before sowing seeds: Pour the soil in a container with the solution at the rate of 50 ml per 10 liters of water.During planting seedlings: Immerse the roots in the solution for 3-5 minutes.
Spraying 2-4 times per season 100 ml 10 l Solution consumption for vegetable crops, fruit and berry crops, and ornamental plants: 0.5-1 liter of solution per 1m2 of plantings. Spraying is recommended when there are 2-3 leaves and at the budding stage. Solution consumption: 0.5-2 liters per a bush; 2-10 liters per a mature tree. Spraying is recommended at the beginning of flowering and during fruiting. It is recommended once every 10-14 days.

The product is most effective for foliar fertilization.
Increase the concentration by 2-3 times for watering.

It is recommended to alternate the product with Beres-4, Beres-8, Beres Super Seaweed Extract, and Beres AminoForte.

Storage conditions: храStore in a dry, closed place, away from food, medicines, and feed. Keep out of the reach of children and animals.
ПредохKeep away from direct sunlight.

Storage temperature: 5-35°С.

Expiry date: Unlimited. Shelf life: 3 years.

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