Beres Super seaweed extract universal

Beres Super seaweed extract universal


organic matter 40-50 %

alginic acid 15-18 %

amino acids 1,13 %

succinic acid 1,8 %

fumaric acid 0,015 %

maleic acid 0,54 %

nitrogen (N) 1,4 %

phosphorus (Р₂O₅ ) 2,76 %

potassium (К₂O) 17 %

zinc (Zn) 0,005 %

copper (Cu) 0,019 %

manganese (Mn) 0,017 %

iron (Fe) 0,21 %

molybdenum (Мо) 0,006 %

cobalt (Со) 0,005 %

nickel (Ni) 0,005 %

silicon (Si) 0,01 %

selenium (Se) 1,15 %

iodine (I) 0,012 %

boron (В₂O₃) 0,005 %

sulfur (S) 1,15 %

magnesium (Mg) 0,46 %

calcium (Са) 0,86 %

betaine, mannitol, polysaccharides,
vitamins, phytohormones,
prohormonal compounds,
and abscisic acid


рН 9-11

density 0,76 g/cm³


100% soluble powder


bag 100 g

bucket 500 g

Consumption rate:

20-100 g per ton of seeds

20-100 g per hectare of crops

Beres Super seaweed extract universal

is a natural biostimulant based on seaweed extract with a high content of potassium. It is produced by enzymatic hydrolysis and contains succinic, maleic, fumaric acids, betaine, mannitol, polysaccharides, vitamins, phytohormones, prohormonal compounds, abscisic acid, macro- and micronutrients.

The product acts as an anti-stress agent, immunomodulator, and plant growth stimulant.

The product encourages sprouting, benefits the fast development of root systems, and shortens the time necessary to restore roots after planting seedling and transplantation. It accelerates the formation of tubers. It helps plants recover from stress faster. It contributes to the absorption of water-soluble mineral fertilizers and increases plant resistance to diseases. It triggers plant protective mechanisms, activating its growth and development. It prevents the flowers and fruit failure. It improves root branching and increases absorption surface. It enhances crop production power, improving fruit quality.


Seed and planting stock treatment together with the chemical treatment or without;

Foliar and soil fertilization, fertigation, drip irrigation together with the plant protection agents or without.

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